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  • Help!!!!

    I was just wondering if anyone can help. How do you upload layouts to the gallery. I do apologise in advance as I will be asking heaps and heaps of questions.

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    H Tweety,

    1. in the top right hand corner there is a tab that says layout gallery, click on that
    2. You will find a tab, again on the rght hand side that says upload photos. click on that
    3. Then hit browse and get your photo from wherever you have it then further down hit upload/submit
    4. Then fill in the next page and then hit process.

    Your photo will then be in your album

    Before all that is done though you have to save your page from Scrap book max, which you probably did anyway.


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      Thank You so much. I have another question. Can you import digital kits that you have bought from other sites into the Scrapbook Max program. If so how is it done?


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        That one I don't know, I have others as well that i have bought, but I just drag and drop from the folders on my computer to use them.

        Ask as many questions as you want, it really helped me when i first started...only 2 months ago.

        My advice would be to read through a lot of the older posts because that helped me a lot as well.


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          I tort I saw a puddy tat! ..Love Sylvester mmm Yummy tweety bird


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            Now, seriously! welcome Tweety,
            Re using other stuff in Max..
            when you have SBMax open and you use the buttons at top of menu to import ..say, an embellishment.. you click the little red flower icon and it takes you to your selection within the program..right! well.. at the bottom of the screen on the left side you will se a button that says BROWSE.. if you click that it allows you to import anything from any folder on your computer to use.


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              Welcome tweety.