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  • Hi

    I'm Wendy and only found MAX! 2 days ago! I have not yet had the time to go through everything!!!! And there is allot. You are very talented Ladies!!! I have been Scrapping with Software I bought at the local store but get really frustrated when I can't find the right embellishment or background. I have got Photoshop but that's about all I know about it. I'm still on the trail version of Max!

    I see that I have allot to learn!

    I will attach some of the things I have done before.

    Looks like I need help with uploading a picture too. How do I do that?

    from Sydney Australia

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    Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I am so glad that you found us. I have not been with Scrapbook Max very long myself. I am only just starting out in the digital scrapbooking world. I am having so much fun at Max.(Nickname for scrapbooking Max) My Bank Account thinks I am having too much FUN! To upload a photo to the gallery you go to the gallery (eg, challenge, or personal gallery) and there will be a tab on the right hand side that says "upload photos" click on that and then follow the directions. (I will apologise in advance if I haven't got this right as I am just starting out in this big big world of scrapbooking. I am sure that my fellow Max friends will help you out if I am incorrect.

    MAX is the best and the people are just absolutely amazing. HAVE FUN and ENJOY and again WELCOME!!


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      Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here.


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        Welcome Wendy!
        You are going to love it here! You might as well get ready to get rid of that trial version and get the full version because once you use Scrapbook Max, there's no turning back! A great way to learn how to use the program is to check out the tutorials. A great way to get better at your pages is to participate in the challenges here in the forum. You learn a lot from them and get a lot of freebies along the way.
        Again welcome Wendy and do not hesitate to ask questions. Some one will come around and answer them. The ladies around here are VERY helpful.



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          Thank you everyone. I downloaded the February challenge last night and long after I left my pc I was still thinking of ideas on how to use Max. At one stage I ran back just to see if my idea would work and it did. I need to buy a Kit to really get into it but there are so many.

          I guess I have no choice but to get the full version. It is heaps of fun and just what I have been looking for!


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            Hi Wendy!

            You'll find here all the help you need.

            BTW - I'm running some challenges... and that's always the opportunity to discover new SBM features... (sorry I don't say Max :-) but SBM)... or to learn how to use certain features.

            Anyway don't hesitate if you have any questtions.

            KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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              Decided not to attach things not done with MAX. If you would like to see them though add me on facebook. Wendy Metelerkamp.


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                I could not edit the previous post. Just say in your friends request scrapbookmax.


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                  Hi and welcome... you will love it here... so good to have you aboard..
                  and Tweety here you are just new yourself and already helping others ... fabulous... thats the Scrapbook max spirit