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Totally new to scrapbooking

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  • Totally new to scrapbooking

    Hi everyone. I am Margie, 40 year old first time mother of a soon to be 8 month old baby. I am at home now full-time with my son, and I am interested in using this program to create recipe cards to display on my blog and FB page. Any pointers you have will be greatly appreciated. I would love to find some food related things to download free, so if you know where I can locate something like that, please let me know. I am a very good student. I am looking forward to learning more about scrapbooking.

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    First Welcome!!!

    There are several different kits for sale with food related themes. Kapiscraps and Carena have some off the top of my head. (I am sure there are more in the Store )

    You can learn to create so many different items here, not just picture layouts. Look around, if you have question ask and I am sure some of the SBM family members will answer


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      Welcome Marg

      Come and join some challenges, ya never know when a freebie will come along there! I have it by good authority that an entire kit will be a freebie soon! And you learn a lot by the challenges


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        Welcome to the forum. I will post a place you can look for freebies in the forum at the
        Forum: Favorite Sites For Scrapbook MAX!-ers

        Hope it helps.