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  • Hello Everyone

    I am glad to be back with Scrapbook Max', I was here a long time ago registered as MaryL. When I bought a new computer, I could not re-install my previous version. I was MaryL.

    I am looking forward to scrapbooking again

    Thank you for having me back.

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    Well Welcome Back!!! Jump in on the Challenges, that will help you remember the ends and outs of the Program and we have Fun too


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      Welcome back mari, yes as Kimmy said come and join our challenges. I host a variety of them and there are many a month...which reminds me time for a new one i think!


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        Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fonzzy


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          Thank you for your welcomes, it is kind of you. I have been wandering around and it is coming back to me how it all works. I am thinking of getting a laminator then I could give our children and grandson some scrap pages I have made.
          I had better start walking again before I attempt a run.

          Thanks again,
          btw my name is Mary, I used the name Mariposa because I could not get in under my old identity of MaryL.


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            Hey Mary,

            A Cheaper way to protect your pages () I buy the regular 3 ring binder with the sleeve on the front cover. I make a Layout with the name of the person it is for or the event, decorate it up and insert it. Then I buy the protector pages (they are Cheap 50 for about 4 bucks here) fill up the note book with them and then fill up the protector sleeves 2 layouts to a sleeve (front and back).

            You could also ask Kaye about the Books. Its somewhere online. You upload you LOs and then they will make a real book. Nice gifts

            There are so many ways to share the Pretty pages you make. Just some ideas


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              Thank you, Kimmyann, for such a good idea. I think that the fates have been against me this week, something has cropped up every day to stop me from starting on a Scrapbook. I have some ideas though.

              Mary aka Mariposa


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                Thank you, Kimmyann, I shall do that after I have had a practise.

                Mary aka Mariposa.


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                  Your Welcome....I know how Time keeps us from the things we like. I will be going on long hours in a few weeks and will have SBM withdraws the whole time


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                    I have put my first scrapbook layout on the board "Look at my layout". I apologise if it is too big in size, I have struggled a little, it is such a long time since I used Scrapbook Max.

                    Mariposa aka Mary


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                      welcome back!
                      Jump in anytime. Looks like you are a busy beaver, so enjoy whatever time you can scrapping!
                      Somewhere in all the madness lies the beauty within


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                        Thank you very much tintin.


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                          Very welcome Mariposa!

                          Don't hesitate to join our fun challenges.

                          - Sandrine
                          KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store


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                            Welcome Mary! Glad to have your with us!!