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  • Hello....from Wisconsin


    I have been working on my family tree for a few years and wanted a way to save and share all the old and not so old family photos I have collected. So I tried my hand at scrapbooking. The results inpressed no one, me included. So I tried digital scrapbooking. The restults were only slightly better, no matter which program I used. Two dozen programs later I stumbled on this one. And wow, using only the free trial version, I made several pages in minutes vs several months at my old programs. I was so excieted I purchased the full version hours after trying the trial version. Not only was I impressed, but so was my mom. In fact she purchased the full version after only seeing a few pages I made with the trial version. I love the templates. It is so easy to change them to fit my needs. Now my only problem is I am out of paper and very low on ink. I am not sure how to add my photo to this message, so here is a link to my photo on my family tree page.

    Everyone here is so helpfull and friendly, I feel like I know you all.

    Jo (aka workingjo3)

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    Hi Jo,
    I am also from Wisconsin. Janesville, that is. I also love this program and before you know it you will be a addict like the rest of us.
    Welcome to our forum!



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      waving hi


      I am just a tad north of you. I am in Monroe. ***waving Hi***

      I have had the program for about a week and just finished page # 63. Everyone of them a winner! I think I am well on my way to addiction. Not bad considering this is my first full day off from work. Today I had a blast. I down loaded and used plenty templates and embellishments. I cant print off anymore until I run to the store tomorrow for more paper and ink. So tonight I am download more stuff to play with. I just saved some cute stuffed animals and some *bling* letters.