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    Hello my name is Deltalee and I am new to this programme, I am wanting to make labels for my candles and so far I can insert a frame, copy and paste it 12 times to the page but when I insert text and a picture and I want to duplicate the finshed product it wont let me Do I have the wrong programme to do what I want to do or is there a way Thanks in advance
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    Hi Deltalee!

    Thanks for your note!

    Do you mean that you'd like to copy the frame + text+ picture several times on the same page (as though it is a single object?).

    If so, what you can do is "group" your frame + text+ picture. To do that, hold the CTRL key, then click on the frame, text and picture to select them, then right-click and choose Group from the dropdown menu.

    Or, you can left-click your mouse just outside the frame + text+ picture then drag your mouse across to select them all, then right-click and choose Group.

    Once the objects are Grouped it's like you've turned them into a single object - you can copy and paste the grouped object as you would any individual object.

    (If you want to break out the individual items again to edit them or move them separately, just select the "Grouped" object, then right-click and choose "Ungroup")

    Hope that's what you were after - if you need clarification or have any other questions, please let us know!

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      awesome thanks Karin I will try