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    Hi, my name is Lynn. I am very new at digital scrapbooking and right now am using the trial version of Scrapbook Max. I am also waiting for a program I won on ebay called Digital Image Pro Suite. I only have 13 days left on my trial so have to decide what I want to use. It will be nice to be able to talk to others that have the same interest as I do! When I try to talk to DH about scrapbooking he just gets this glaze in his eyes and I know I've lost him!


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    Hi Lynn,
    I have both programs, (plus many others) Digital image pro is a great program for editing etc, but for scrapbooking I have yet to find a easier and more fun program then scrapbook max. Not to mention the members of this forum. They are all so willing to share and help. They are like family! You will certainly get your moneys worth out of scrapbook max.

    Hope this helps!



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      Thanks Marion! I will probably end up using BOTh programs!



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        Hello Jazzysmom...I have several SB sofware programs and I use Adobe PS shop a lot but SBM is the best SB program Ive found and the easiest to use..also being a part of the community is an added benefit...the people are very talented and always willing to share and help and also very friendly and fun cant go wrong by purchasing SBM
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          YES... well worth purchasing the FULL version. You won't regret it and EVERYONE is so, so helpful.
          It will be money well spent ~ PROMISE!!!!!!!!