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    I just completed my free trial and really enjoyed using it, but was disappointed in the number of backgrounds, embelishments, etc. I know that when you purchase the program you get more (which I haven't been able to find on the site). Could someone let me know about how much you receive when you purchase the program (or where I can find this info on the site). Thank you!

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    Naugle1, When you buy the software you get tons more stuff, you have to download it form the CD Rom content package, and there is so much more stuff to work with, I'm sure if you like SBM free won't regret buying it, plus there is always great stuff on here to get free! They will mail you the CD. Hope that helps ya!

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      This link should help you:


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        You do get loads of extra stuff when you buy the programme but there are also so many other "freebies" both on this site and links that members will give you to sites that have tons of stuff that you can use with the programme to make unique albums.


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          You won't regret it!

          You'll be amazed how much comes with the CD - it's important to install the content pack. After that, the forum is just loaded with templates and embellishments and links to freebies on the web.

          You'll love it!