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    Hi all,

    I'm a new member from Sweden and think this is going to take up all my free time. I just love scrapbooking.
    Me and my husband are going to Vietnam to adopt a little boy soon and this is a great program to make his first album.

    I hope you can forgive me if I don't get all the words right. My english is not that good but I'm still learning.

    Best regards Anette

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    Welcome Anette!

    How wonderful to get a sweet little one! Congratulations!
    You will love this program and also the people on this forum are the nicest you will find anywhere! Don't worry about your English, there are many members from all over the world here and we have no problem understanding them. (Even us Americans make mistakes here and there with our English)
    By the way I was born and raised in the Netherlands and have been here now for 35 years.

    Again welcome and enjoy!



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      Hello Anette

      How wonderful to have you join us. The group here is always eager to help and share their experience.

      Now, the best part of this group is that we all like to share in the joys and concerns in each other's life.............. With that, we will all be eager to get the updates on your new bundle of joy, when you get him. And to think, we will be able to watch him grow too!

      We have several members here that have specialized in their baby layouts. Just keep your eyes open and search through the templetes. I'm sure you will keep busy.


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        Welcom tothe site.I wis you the best.
        My Buddies -- Sue, Smiles, Jazzereal, Eng, Crops, Terry & Wolvsie35 , Onie, Marion, Jenna's Mommy, All My Memories, Winnie49, Tiffanys Scraps, Grannywin,emst


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          Welcome, we're delighted to have you. Congratulations on the new little one. I hope every thing goes well for you all.

          You're English is excellent. If we can understand Marion, and Onie, we can understand you! Their problem is not the language.... They're just weird! I'm originally from Cuba and have been here 40 years (Marion.... ). Now, talk about perfect Englihsshlsl, Ingleassa, Ungleenasen.... Darn, I hate this language!

          The ones to look out for are the Aussies, like Moonbeam. I gave up trying to talk to her, cause all she can say is Vegemite and Mate! Get's stale after a while!

          Anyhow, you're going to love it here! We get along so good! Let us know if you need some help.


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            Welcome to The Max Gang

            Congradulations on your Lil One...can't wait to see his you can see we are a Very Mixed and Wonderful Bunch here, Looking forward to seeing your work...Your English is Perfect,I am from the Good old USA...and I still mess up my words...Looking forward to seeing your Pages (((HUGS)))