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An across the pond newbie..

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  • An across the pond newbie..

    Hi I am Faye and live just outside London, UK

    I have stumbled across this site whilst trying to teach myself how to make christmas cards with photos of my 3 kids. I do paper scrapbooking and have been for nearly a year and I found I prefer making other items such as guestbooks, small albums and other items and now I fancy making some cards.

    So I am off to download the free trial and I am sure to be back to bombard you friendly lot with questions

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    Hi ~ i'm originally from Scotland and now live in Lincoln. You're going to love this........... it's so addictive and everyone is sooooooooooo friendly. Just ask a question and HEY PRESTO you get lots n lots n lots of answers.

    Give it a go!!


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      Thanks Mary

      I need to have a play around, from what I can see it looks quite simple and downloading templates from here is also easy.

      The only thing I am having trouble with is adding templates, papers etc that are not smt files, don't know how you go about adding them

      Also is it possible to take a paper, resize it and then stick a photo on it, rather than use a ready made template?

      See told it would not be long before the questions started