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  • Introducing myself

    Hi all. My name is Lesley, I live in Australia on a 2.5 acre hobby farm. I love all sorts of art hobbies and sports. For years I have not allowed myself to indulge in scrapbooking. All my friends do fabulous work, but I looked at the dollars they were spending and the mess. I love my computer and wondered how I could do it on here rather than the traditional methods. Along came scrapbook I have been looking around the site and reading and veiwing some of people works and must say I am highly impressed with it all. Any tips, tricks or ideas from any of you would be fabulous. I look forward to meeting many of you in the near future.

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    Welcome Rikki66,

    Best thing to is start going though all the posts on this forum.. There are tips adn tricks everywhere... Have fun!
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      Welcome to are going to love it here..but watch out..its highly addictive..I got started in digital scrapbooking for the same reason as you..and I cant imagine paper scrapping could be better..if we make a mistake all we have to do is take it out and start over nothing wasted...I will be looking forward to seeing you often..
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        thank you

        Thank you all for being so welcoming. I have been browsing this site for awhile and loved what I saw, hence why I signed up. I just love it and yes isn't it addictive, but what a way to go. So thanks again everyone


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          Welcome to the addicts club!
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            Hi there, Rikki61. Welcome to the funny farm, I mean the loony group, I mean.....

            Oh, blasted, welcome and scrap away!!!!!


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              Don't scare her away Granny, she might report you to the scrapping agency at Days of our Scraps. Really Lesley, every one here is very friendly and helpful. Welcome to Granny's funny farm.. I mean Scrap Book Max.


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                welcome aboard from the nursey bartender on Days of our scraps. You will love it and everyone is wonderful.
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                  Hi Lesley! And welcome to zanyville. You are going to love it here, lots of great people in here, a few are really zany, including myself. But here everyone helps everyone. It's a great group and you'll just love it! Have fun searching the forums, cause there is sooooooo much. Happy Scrappin'

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                    thank you again

                    Hi all, have just read the new messages. Must say, love the sense of humour on here. Am now positive I will fit right in. Thank you all so very much for you kind and funny words. I finally figured out how to add a picture for me, one that I think sums me up really well.


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                      Hello Lesley

                      Welcome to our group! You will find this group to be the greatest. Even though we stretch around the globe, we're supportative. Do not be afraid to ask for help because someone has already asked the same questions and you will probably find multiple people helping you.

                      NOW FOR THE WARNINGS:
                      1. This is adictive
                      2. You will find the group does clown around and tease each other. It may appear to be sound rude or insulting, just remember this is the way we communicate and have fun.

                      Have fun!

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