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A newbie from Finland!

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  • A newbie from Finland!

    Hey! I´m Kati 35yrs, mom to two little girls (2½ and 1 yrs). We live in Finland, Northern Europe. I was just surfing in the internet, looking for ways to make pretty invitations, thank you cards, etc and I ran into this site. I have now the trial version, and I´m just loving it! Can´t wait to get the real one! This program is so addictive and this community site - ooooh, I could stay here all the time... IF I only had the time, lol!

    I hope I found myself a new nice hobby, and maybe a place where to make some new friends too!


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    Welcome and be careful, it's easy to find the time aa you soon will be an addict! There are a lot of addicts on here though so feel at home.
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      Yes and you make great friends from all walks of life. Lovely place and lots of nice stuff. We are a bit crazy at times so do not let that scare you off.Happy scrappin to you.
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        COOL! My mom's father was from Finland. Welcome to the community.


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          Welcome Kati -

          You are going to love it here!

          You write (speak) amazing English - are you native to Finland or were you born and raised elsewhere? I knew a guy from Finland when I was in my last year of high school (1990 - wow, a long time ago!)...he was an exchange student, and we walked together at our graduation ceremony. Nice guy - beautiful country!

          Happy scrapping!



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            Hi Kati, welcome to the site. You are going to love. You are right it is addicting. Some of the people here live on the site I think. They are on it around the clock, and we are crazy like Eye says. Some people prefer to call us "nuts". We even have a Doctor on our Soap Opera trying to get us on her couch. It hasn't worked though, we manage to escape.

            Have fun!


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              Hi Katie.. this sure is a great place and Scrapbook Max will take you into a new world..welcome and also to all the other newbies a big mass hello..
              Have fun with your scrapping!


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                So glad you found this program and forum. It's very addictive and you will love it! We're glad you're here!


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                  helo !!

                  either well coming, we are happy in receives it