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Hello from Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

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  • Hello from Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

    I came across this link accidently and of course I had to download the trial, I liked what I saw so decided to buy the program there and then! I don't really know what I am doing but I have a rough idea and have had fun playing around with it, I can't wait to get the cd... never was a patient person Anyhoo, something about me, I live in Gippsland, which is in the southern state of Victoria in Australia, and it is a beautiful place, not too far from the south coast (Bass Strait). I hope we can become friends and please be patient with me if I need help
    cheers everyone!
    Ngaire (pronounced Nyree)

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    Welcome. I am amazed if anyone can resist buying this programme. Welcome to the funny farm ...I mean Scrapbook Max. Looking forward to seeing you about.
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      Hi again I too, am in Morwell All My Memories, thanks for the warm greetings


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        Hiya Eng, thanks for the welcome, much appreciated


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          A big welcome to the are going to love it here..and you are really going to love SBM..its such a great program and always somone around to help you if you need shopping in the archives ..just about anything you need for any page you can find there..thanks to all the talented people here..there are a few nuts too but not dangerous just funny...looking forward to seeing your work in the gallery and your joining us in the forum..
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            Hi and Welcome Ngaire,
            I live in Albury on the NSW,Vic border. This is a great program and site. Full of fun friendly people who are always willing to help, so ask away and don't worry, we were all new once. I am looking forward to seeing some of your layouts in the gallery too.


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              helo !!

              either well coming, we are happy in receives it


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                Hope you enjoy the program!!!
                Im in Perth Australia but moving to the Yorke Peninsula in a few weeks


                My buddy is nanwu


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                  Hey Hoo, TraumaTeddy

                  Welcome aboard mate!! We get a little crazy around here sometimes. We have some Senior Members that are extraordinary at helping. In fact, many of them have more great stuff at the store or at their own sites. Granny and some others are at Digital Scrapbook country website and have a FANTASTIC sale on items that are SMB compatible. Just say OPEN on download for anything other than zip. You'll get some great freebies anounced to add to your programs from great folks like Linda..and Bobby Bear..Moonbeam...MA3, just to name a few!!! So keep looking!! You'll get addicted in NO TIME!! Once you get it...Your life will change!!