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  • Backwards lady

    Guess that I should have introduced myself back in June of 2006. Always get carried away when I find something new and interesting. Retired this year from my chosen profession of accounting. Still very active in our townhouse association as president, which is an unpaid part time job. It's stressful and interesting. Guess I love doing it.
    However, my main loves are my family. Part of the reason for retiring was so that I could be available for my 6 year old Granddaughter who started kindergarten this year. That's another part time job, which is very, very rewarding. I have 6 grandchildren ranging in age from 2 to 28 and each one is delightful and very unique.
    Scrapbooking started as digital, never did paper scrapbooking even though a few friends bragged about it. Went to Italy last May and wanted to put the wonderful experience in a way that told the story of the pictures. Have this recorded on the Scrapjazz site.

    Then, I was told to check out Digital Scrapbook Pages site. At one of these sites, I discover ScrapbookMax. Did not even try the trial version - liked what I saw and ordered immediately.

    The rest is history. Love this site and all the people.

    Thanks to all who are here now and welcome to all who come in the future.

    My Buddies - pkdoll, Marion and CraftyScraps


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    Hello Backwards Lady! I have admired your work in the gallery! Very nice I might add! And it's about time you introduced yourself!

    My Buddies: Jazz, Smile, Sue, Eng and Eye "CHILLS", Poppabob, PKdoll, Onie, Pickngrin


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      Official Howdy Makeyesup!!

      Loved looking at your pics!! THat Strawberry Pretzel Recipe looks inviting!! Thanks for introducing yourself!!


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        hello backward in coming forward lol! Welcome
        My BUDDIES Crops, Eye, Jazz, Smile, Sue, Rosana,twpclerk, Moonlightpearl and Vanessa