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    Hi, all. I am totally new at digital scrapping ( am really heavy addicted to the 3d scrapping, and getting there with the digital Love making pages of my daughter to print for my mums photo album!!)

    I downloaded the trial to see if SBM is the program for me. But I am a bit disapointed as I tried it out now 3 times and it close down on me 3 times.
    Every time when I was just getting ready to go and was adding my first photo to the lay-out.
    A little window popped up and said "sorry SBM encountered a problem, please report ' I did and then it shut down and I had to re- start. and this happend 2 times. First time it just shut down without a warning!

    I was interested in buying SBM but am wondering about that now.
    Has anybody else had this problem and would anybody know of a solution?
    Did it stop once you had the full version?
    Any one?
    I really would love to get the full.

    take care all

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    hi lila

    firstly welcome the SBM

    ive never had a problem with either the trial version or the full version of SBM, sounds like it didnt download properly, may be an idea to download it again

    angel x

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      I've encountered the same problem--but only on one of the computers that I have the program on -- the one that is running windows 2000-- I don't know if this is where the problem is or not--sbm seems to work ok on the computer that is running windows xp--I've tried reloading the program but it doesn't seem to help-the error usually happens when I am getting "photo objects vol 2" almost every time I try to access that area. ??? sorry not much help but your not alone



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        Welcome to both of you. Sorry I can't help with the problem. I haven't had any problems with the program. I am sure a techie will be along to help you out. I am sure you will be very satisfied with SBM after you get your issued resolved. Every one here loves it.


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          I've had an error but it hasn't shut down. I'm sure one of the techie team will read this and respond.
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            hm what now?

            my computer runs Win XP.
            I think SBM must be in conflict with something. But what??
            I am not really willing to close down my anti-virus/spam/etc filters.
            And the anti-virus filter I have now is already one that is more friendly cause I had trouble with my old one and my internet connection.

            Thanx for warm welcome!
            Would love to stay.


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              Windows 2000 was notorious for difficulties and so the 2000 version was quickly replaced. My boys had that on their computer and it drove us crazy for all sorts of things. It may be in your Operating System!!! Let's see what the techno genius' will say!! Desmond would be the "man" most likely..
              Good luck!!


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                Welcome to the forum Lila. I see you are from the Netherlands. I am originally from the Netherlands to. I have been here 35 years now, but still go back every year. I am from Limburg. Sorry about the problems with the program, but so far I haven't had any and I have had it for almost a year now. It is one of the best and easiest scrapbook programs around and I have tried many!

                I really hope you can get it to work for you!



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                  Hi Marion

                  [QUOTE=Marion;28786]Welcome to the forum Lila. I see you are from the Netherlands. I am originally from the Netherlands to. I have been here 35 years now, but still go back every year. I am from Limburg.

                  Yep from the Netherlands I am. I live in a little town just under Amsterdam.
                  Hows your dutch after 35 years??

                  I am really about this program not working.
                  I tried other (memory mixer........any one know this one) and it works fine so I think I will have to go and get that one.

                  Were is the response from the technical team.

                  take care all,