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  • Hi there

    Hello all xxx

    Im new and aint got a clue about scrapping digital or 3D. I bought the softwear am just waiting for the download and the CD

    Anyhow, im Dawn, im Welsh but now live in Scotland with my lovely new husband and 3 beautiful daughters. I hope to do many lovely pics of them
    Im also an Events management student. Im real busy with my course so ofcourse I hope to have time somewhere so I can do some Scrapping

    Well thats me!
    My Buddy is Angelwithin

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    Welcome Dawny!!! This place will keep you hopping with all the goodies offered to better your SBM experience. GREAT designers give lots of goodies!! Very fortunate to have them..And there are MANY of them!! Got questions, just post in the discussions, or questions category..If you are hunting freebies, go to the Templates, and Embellishments section and try the January Challenge spot this month..Lots there dealing with the colors of brown, pink, orange.
    Again, Welcome!!


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      Hello Dawn,
      Welcome, I haven't noticed anyone Welsh before, there's Mary from Scotland, a few of us from England, no Irish as far as I know. Mind you not everyone becomes members so there could be unregistered users. Anyway welcome to the nuthouse, hope you'll have fun.
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        this mean i can email all your wedding photos back now rofl only joking

        any questions ask, they are a lovely bunch here

        angel xx

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          Lol Angel nah chick you keep them, you will be able to do far nicer things with them than I would

          Thanx everyone for the welcom, im trying to find my way around, and cant wait to start. Just wish this download would hurry up!!!!!!!!!! im an impatient so and so
          My Buddy is Angelwithin


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            Well my download arrived last night. Ive downloaded it, but there is nothing much on it, it is the same as the trial version

            I gotta be honest Im really lost and not really sure how to start making wonderful pics
            My Buddy is Angelwithin


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              Hi there, Dawny!

              Have you received your CD-ROM yet? That's where all the amazing content is found - TONS more than what you see in the trial version. Make sure you install the content found on the CD so that you're working with the full complement of Scrapbook MAX! content.

              Then, check out the Sharing Corner on these forums for FREE templates and embellishments - and you can also purchase stunning content from the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store.

              As for not knowing where to start, feel free to post any and all questions in the Scrapbook MAX! Discussion forums- we have plenty of generous, talented people here who would love to help with your particular questions! And have you read through the User's Guide? It highlights the most important features in Scrapbook MAX!, and there's even a step-by-step tutorial in there that walks you through a project from start to finish. Read it by going to Help > Scrapbook MAX! User's Guide in the program, or read it online at

              Hope that helps - stop by anytime and welcome aboard!



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                Thanks Karin

                No I havent had the CD yet, am waiting to accost the posty everyday

                Will check out those links and no doubt me being me will have tons of questions
                My Buddy is Angelwithin


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                  Now, Dawny...realize that getting the SBM loaded is just the beginning!! You just have some simple stuff loaded in the program..The fun really begins when you start searching the site and find all these hidden treasures of templates, embellishments, background papers, shapes, and paper scraps to add to your collection. Study the tips given from folks so you don't get overwhelmed. You can pick and choose what you want..The fun NEVER stops here!! And put in requests if you can't find something or need a little help making something special to add to a page..Amazing how giving everyone is!!
                  Here's a WELCOME gift for you!! Just SAVE to your embellishments folder or anywhere else you desire!!
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                    Awww wow thank you, that is so lovely.

                    Will be a long long time before im able to do things like that
                    My Buddy is Angelwithin


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                      New Member

                      Hi Dawny, I'm new as well, just got my trial version, like you I'm from Scotland also I'm totally lost. At present unsure about the CD.


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                        Hello there

                        Im just waiting for my cd so I can get scrapping

                        Scotland is a big place where to are you? im down in the Borders
                        My Buddy is Angelwithin


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                          Welcome to SBM! I have a dear close friend from Scotland and love her accent and some of the words she uses. Refreshing!


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                            Hi Dawny,
                            Welcome from down here in Norfolk, UK, though originally I am from Yorkshire. I haven't been here too long, but am hooked already, as you soon will be, I'm positive! Dont worry about the content, there are loads of sites out there with free papers, embellishments etc, and in the Community forum here there are loads of freebies, you will soon have so much stuff you wont know what to do with it all! Look forward to seeing your pages in the gallery,



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                              Hi Susan & Karey

                              Thanx for the hellos xxx

                              Lol Karey im originally Welsh, but ive picked up some of the Scotish lingo to go with my accent, the result is, my family are struggling back in Wales to understand some of what I am saying
                              My Buddy is Angelwithin