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    I'm Nancee from Victoria Australia. At the moment i am a stay-at-home Mum with a 1 year old boy and a 3 year old boy (lots of photo opportunities there!). I am also expecting another child in August.
    I have just begun playing around with the trial version having given up on photoshop elements as taking too long to learn.
    A few questions so far if anyone has some time to help?

    1. does the trial version not have any frames included or have i just missed them? and does the full version have some frames?

    2. is there any way of making a background transparent or opaque - i know you can with embellesments? as i just want to make an existing one a bit lighter

    3. i have a program called "creating keepsakes scrapbook designer deluxe" which i had planned to ditch for scrapbook max however does any one know is there a way i can move the frames, embellesments and other goodies from that program into scrapbook max?

    Lastly are there any Aussies out there who have used services to print a photobook and if so any tips on using it along with scrapbook max eg: as they have a "safe area" etc

    Thanks to anyone who read this far! Looking forward to getting to know a few other scrappers from all over!

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    Hi Nancee

    Im new too so dont know the answers to your questions. Just wanted to say hi from rainy Scotland!
    My Buddy is Angelwithin


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      Hi there, Nancee!

      Let's see if I can answer some of your questions:

      1. FRAMES - there is a TON more content in the full version. The trial version gives you just a taste. There isn't a "frames" category, but several of the coordinated theme kits that you get in the full version have frames in them. Also, have you checked out the Sharing Corner in these forums? Generous, talented members here are always posting things they've created for FREE. Browse around for frames, or even put in a request - folks around here like a challenge! Also, you can purchase additional content at the Scrapbook MAX! Booster Pack Store

      2. TRANSPARENCY You can't alter the transparency of a background in SBMAX like you can for an embellishment, can always turn an embellishment or paper scrap into a background by enlarging it and then altering its transparency. You can also make a background into a paper scrap and then alter transparency - just choose Paper Scrap, and then click on the Browse button, and then Gallery on the left of the dialog box to navigate to the Backgrounds folder - choose your background, and voila - it's now a paper scrap that you can make more or less transparent!

      3. IMPORTING STUFF - YES! As long as the content you want to import is in a standard image format (like .jpg or .png) it will work in Scrapbook MAX! -

      4. You'll have to ask your fellow Australians about printing services, there are plenty of fellow Australians in the community who I'm sure will be willing to help!

      Good luck! Come back and visit!