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A Warm, sunny Hello from SA

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    Originally posted by rosana brito View Post
    OHH! welcome and a pleasure to have a sulafricanez with us! South Africa tropical as Brazil in?
    Tnx Rosana. SA has almost all kinds of weather, depending on where u are. I am high north and we have a semi desert climate. Very warm, but dry.

    Knzus - I'd love some ice, PLEASE...


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      We have the second kid of warmth you were speaking of - but the first, well, that's a problem. Usually it is hot and sunny here in San Antonio, Texas, but we just had an ice storm & no power for 2 days. Makes the temp COLD!

      Again about the second kind of warmth - I have posted a few pages here and got a wonderfully warm welcom from the members (and several nice comments, too!) Thanks!


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        Welcome to the family are going to love it here..just get you a comfortable chair because its where you will be spending most or all of your time.. thanks for the warm words..its even cold here in Alabama this morning..cant wait to see some of your work..hope you will join us in the forum too..
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          Just posted my first LO in the gallery and a template in the January Chalange. It's so much fun!


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            Hi Diva231 ,
            nice to have you ... you ARE already one of us LOL... too late to escape!
            big welcome and I'm going to check your work in the gallery!
            and warmth??? we have too much been extremely HOT and humid here in a different SA..(south Australia)