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program running very slowly

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  • program running very slowly

    Hello - I just got this program last week. So far, I love what it can do and how easy it is to use. However, it is so very slow and it freezes every single time I use it. Does anyone else have this same experience? If so, how did you reslove it? I know it's not my computer, because every other program (including much larger ones) run just fine. Please help!!

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    Just noticed your post had no response. Recently i saw something here in the forums about having to many templates loading up causes a slow down... if youve downloaded some, you may want to see if you can find that post. Im not sure where it is, if i come across it again, i'll leave you a link here...

    if thats not whats happening... im so sorry... you could bring it up again in the "scrapbook max discussions" forum...

    hope that helped!


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      Hi there,
      I find if I try to do pages with 300 resolution it freezes up, so I changed to 200. Not sure whether it makes any difference to the end printed pages whether it's 200 or 300, maybe someone else would know?
      I dont keep any new embellishments or templates etc in scrapbook max gallery, I keep a seperate documents file to drag and drop in the hope that will also prevent SBM slowing down.
      I previously had Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory, that was terrible for freezing up, I couldnt use it in the end, I couldnt finish a page! That's why I changed to Scrapbook Max and apart from the 200/300 thing I have had no problems. I dont know why it makes a difference, I mean if you werent meant to set the resolution to 300, why have the facility there in the first place?
      Maybe it's my PC, it's pentium 4, not that old really!
      Hope someone else can shed more light on the problem,



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        I just saw this which might explain things!