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Unable to upload page to correct forum

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  • Unable to upload page to correct forum

    I have tried multiple times to upload to this months contest for pets. When I do it is says it uploaded but when I check it has not been posted with the other pages for the contest. I have followed the instructions.

    Please help!


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    Hi there!

    Try clicking on the link below, and uploading to that page by clicking on "Upload Photos" near the top right hand corner (make sure that you are logged in). Let us know if you still need help!

    Good luck!

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      hi sel

      you are uploading the JPEG image (the one you get when you go file, publish to, images, set to high, Web/Email size)

      also check the size sometimes the page saves in a lot larger file than the upload amount (uoload amount is 244.1 KB), if thats the case try either changing the page size down (from 12x12 to 8x8 by going page settings, size, presets - SBM will change it and move all the embies etc without changing the look of the page at all) and then save the page in the smaller size

      hope that helps
      angel xx

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