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  • Hello - I Am New!!

    This is my first time interacting on a computer "chat room"? Is this what this is? Oh well -- it took me a while to figure out how to get a message happening here. I hope it works.

    I have been scrapbooking and making cards for a few years and love it. with my trial version I became addicted to preserving my family heritage digitally. It is so exciting.

    I purchased my PhotoMix Scrapbooking program on Saturday - after having played with the trial version for about 5 days. I am so excited and can hardly WAIT to start using it. I purchased it on Saturday - Jan. 20th - and still have not received my "magic numbers" to unlock the trial version. How long did it take you guys?

    What is the best paper you guys have found to work best? I am new to this.

    I feel a little wierd sending "words" into thin air not knowing who is out there.

    Bye for now.

    Auntie Bee

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    hi aunty bee

    welcome to SBM, you will recieve a cd within a week and once you install that you will have the full programme....believe me its worth the wait

    i came from card making to SBM and am totally addicted ooOO(must find a cleaning agency soon lol)

    angel xx

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      Assuming you are referring to Scrapbook MAX! and not PhotoMix Scrapbooking, you should have received a download link to the software and a mini-content pack shortly after you placed your order. Your CD will be mailed the next business day. Within the USA and Canada, shipping takes about a week to arrive. Shipping to anywhere else in the world takes about 2-4 weeks, depending on where you live. It's usually very fast to Western Europe and even Australia, but places like South Africa will take a little longer.


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        Welcome community SCRAPBOOKMAX !!

        Welcome! this a pleasure you it in our community


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          I purchased Saturday, Jan. 20th too! No Download yet.

          I also, purchased on Saturday and have not received the download info. I was very concerned too. I had wanted to work on the full version all weekend but never received it. I am very excited and have been emailing everyone my creations since I began. Welcome from one newbie to another.



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            Hi Auntie Bee and DLS, and welcome to SBM, Angle is right, once you get the CD you will also need a maid and a cook. They must be purchased seprately though, LOL You will be addicited in no TIME!!! HAve fun scrappin' and cant wait to see your layouts! I too have done cards and this program helps with that too. I incorporate everything together!

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              Hi there,
              Did you purchase Scrapbookmax or Photomix? On Photomix you get a serial number to activate the full version I think, but on SBM you have a disc delivered. I think it comes from the US so you may have a few days to wait, but dont worry, it's worth waiting for!



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                FYI Auntie Bee - Scrapbook MAX! and Photomix are not the same should contact Photomix directly for information on delivery.