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Brand new to site, so Excited, some concerns!

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  • Brand new to site, so Excited, some concerns!

    I used the trial and then quickly purchased the full download this past Saturday. I received notices of my purchase but no download or responses from support after I sent emails. What should I do?

    I made several pages that still say trial version??

    I am having so much fun but concerned that I haven't been contacted now on Monday.

    Thanks a bunch,

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    You are going to love this program. they will mail you a hard copy.


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      You nshould get a confirmation email.Am I right Desmond , Karin.
      I'm sure they will post soon.
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        Hi Deanna,

        AOL is blocking our emails. I have responded to all of your emails from the weekend. Did you receive any of the responses?



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          Welcome. You will love it after you recieve the full version. Make sure you go through and pick up all the freebies in the forum under "Embellishments and templets". You can check the archives. It is much faster.


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            Hi Deanna,
            One thing this site is reknowned for is the support you get and especially from the scrapbook Max team...I see Sandy has posted that her emails have been blocked..I thought it VERY strange that the SM team had not replied immediately - they always do and I have been here for getting close to a year now! The support was was impressed relax there IS NO reason to doubt you will get all the help you need and quick.
            I love the program and this site..welcome to the forum,
            Glad to have another Deanna here!!! Hugs, Deanne aka Moonbeam


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              Thank you SBM support

              I was having problems receiving downloads due to AOL issues, but I have now received everything without a problem. Thank you for all the responses from Customer support and for getting me up and running the full version. I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. sifting through treasures of valuable templates and embellishments. I am so happy to find such a great program with other users as a support group also.

              I want to thank everyone who has contributed templates and embellishments to share. Great job!

              I will have plenty more questions as I trial and error of how to make everything work as smoothly as possible on my computer.

              Thank you, Sandy from support. I look forward to receiving my hard disc, but I have plenty to do until then.

              Deanna S.


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                I'm just so happy you are up and running! Thanks for getting back to me...I was worried!