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ScrapbookMax vs. PowerPoint

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  • ScrapbookMax vs. PowerPoint

    For years I used Scrapbook Max for creating pictures and slide shows, but soon found out organizations mostly have Power Point on their computers. I had to make the switch to Power Point for the talks that I give, but I still like Scrapbook Max mostly because of the locking that can be done to the various layers. With all this cold winter weather, I hope to be able to do some more creativity with Scrapbook Max. I would like to give the 2017 year book a try. I would also like to recommend a free program, GIMP, that is a wonderful way to clean up a picture or do some rearranging.

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    I have used SBM completed pages in Power Point Presentations Many Times. You have to make your SBM pages in landscape (Wider than Taller).

    I have did some scrapping type work in PP also, because I had to do some clustering, but its not as easy as SBM plus working with the shadows was harder.