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  • New Member from Australia

    Hi All

    My name is Lyn, I am from Regional South Australia and a mum who has a beautiful 21 month old son. I am very snap happy with my camera and have lots of photos to work with. I was using a basic photo program to do scrapbooking until i found this site last week. Now i can really have fun.
    My first project is a family album for my son. I have plenty of ideas for future themes. I look forward to sharing some once i get creative enough. Cheers

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    Hi Lyn and welcome! We're friendly and fun here, and there are lots of other wonderful Australians who stop by all the time!

    Glad you're liking Scrapbook MAX! Can't wait to see some LO's from your family album in the gallery!

    Happy scrapping!



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      Hi Lyn,
      welcome from one Aussie to another Aussie (Queensland myself).
      I'm sure you will have lots of fun scrapping all your photo's with scrap max, it is a great program & so easy to use, lookforward to seeing some of your work.


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        Another New Aussie

        Hi everyone Im also from Australia and new to scrapbooking
        looking foward to get to know u all and picking and some handy hints
        Im a young mother of 4 so Im sure i will have some intresting theams to upload for u all soon


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          Hi everyone, thanks for your kind words. I have uploaded two of my pages that i have done. One is of my son at the lake and the other one is his first visit to the zoo. I hope you like them.


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            Hello Lyn:

            Welcome to the board....from another aussie, brisbane here.
            Well what a week we have had in sports....first the socceroos,
            then sorry blues.....the MIGHTY

            I am sure that you will love this site as much as I do....
            I am also new....



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              Socceroos? I'm not sure what they are but that's the best new word I've seen in ages.

              Hi Lyn, welcome to the forum.
              Scrapbook MAX! is the fun and easy digital scrapbooking software for Windows. Download a free trial version at .


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                Welcome Lynspride... Might as well move in, everyone from Australia has! There are so many Aussies here, the place is upside down. We have to stand on our heads to look at the gallery.

                Glad to have you. Lookout for Moonbeam, she is the craziest Aussie of them all!


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                  Hi from another Aussie who has just joined this community. It is nice to find so many of us here on these pages.
                  -- Robyn --


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                    another aussie here

                    Hi there,
                    welcome to all the other Aussies
                    I am from Adelaide and just getting the hang of the digital scrapbooking thing, I do love paper scrapping still.
                    There are some excellent hints shared on this site.



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                      Welcome Lyn!
                      Lovely to have you here, and always lovely to have another Aussie


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                        Hi Lyn,
                        I didnt realize there were sooo many other Australians on the forum... hello to all of you.. I am from Adelaide too, same as Mini Moonbeam, she's my daughter but dont hold that against me!!! I used to live in the country... what part of SA are you? I lived in Mt Gambier for a while and loved it.. and also on the Yorke peninsula at Edithburgh. But stuck in the city these days
                        Its great to have you join us here and you will find everyone very helpful with any problems you have with SBM.


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                          hi there & welcome from another Aussie in Sydney
                          You will love it here, the program is easy, the people so friendly & helpful, I wonder what I used to do before finding this treasure Enjoy
                          My we Aussies are plentiful now, poor Granny is feeling a little left out,heres a hug for you *HUG*, & am making you an honourary Aussie .



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                            Oh Granny -

                            Are you hearing that Granny? Little do they knew that your not alone in the USA............ right? Granny, mabye we should go on a vacation to meet those Aussies's? I think they think they out number the rest of us!!!! All seriousnous, it would be interesting to know how many countries are represented here! Is there a way to start a thread that we can cut and paste the country we're located? You know, a list of who we are, under each country. I would like to see a visual of all our names on the same page!

                            We do welcome all the newbies, no matter where your from! This forum and the people here are so wonderful. You will quickly discover a special relationship between us all. I do hope you will jump right in and get your feet wet! There is always something to learn here!

                            El Paso, TX
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                              I'm an Aussie now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is good. Thank you for the honour!!!

                              Onie, what an expendid idea. We should go there and start a Cuban Revolution! Ops, no, scratch that.... Sorry folks, my roots are showing . No, not blond roots, Cuban roots.

                              I would love to go to Australia. I have a great deal of respect for them Aussies, even if they stand on their heads all the time. So, Onie, let me know when the next ship sails, I'll be ready.

                              Oh... Do I get to own a roo? I'll call him Wally! (Shut up, Moonbeam, I don't want to hear it)

                              I think having a threat to show were we live and are from would be nice. Maybe some higher powers would get the hint that people really can live and work in peace along with each other, and care for each other no matter who we are!!!!!


                              Marion , Steve, Moonbeam, Ladybug, Wolvsie, Fourfoxes, Vanessa, PinkLollipop and Winnie49 are my buddies!!!

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