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    I love the program after struggling with other scrapbook programs!!! I did more in the first day then I ever accomplished with Paint shop pro studio. Maye it's the learning curve but this has been so much easier. I do have questions though.
    I've been able to import graphics I have on my computer to SB max but the names as they appear in the embellishment catagory is so long. I copy the folder and paste it on the embellishment page. The problem is the loooong names the folder has. Here is one of the names-
    C:\Program Files\Scrapbook MAX!\Gallery\Images\Embellishments\iiRe_MovieFilmD emo\Pastel lower alpha\Pink on Cream\New Folder\chocolate petals\accents tag

    The part from iiRe to Cream shows under the folder but I'd like to be able to rename the folder to something clearer. Maybe I should be saving or importing the graphics differently than I wouldn't have this problem but I haven't a clue how else to do it. How could I just have an area just for alphas???
    Also, how can I save backgrounds to the page section? And is there a limit to how much I should copy to SBM before the speed of the program is impacted??
    When I get my cd of the program, will there be other graphics available? and what is the timeframe for getting the cd?? I ordered the program on 4/17-I'm just very anxious to see what else maybe on the full program.
    I know this is a lot of questions to ask but you're help and assistance on this is so very appreciated.

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    MovieFilm Demo


    This part of the filepath comes from the installation of the MovieFilm alphabets that you must have downloaded...

    C:\Program Files\Scrapbook MAX!\Gallery\Images\Embellishments\iiRe_MovieFilmD emo\

    I'm not sure how you got the rest in there...

    I suppose you can make an "Alphas" folder underneath the "Embellishments" folder. This will shorten up the naming somewhat.

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      I made subcategories (folders) whitin my embellishment folder. You can make as many folders as you want. Name them what ever is appropiate, i.e alphabets, holidays, baby, travel, floral etc. Whatever you want.
      Works for me. Maybe it works for you.
      As far as the actual graphics, you can rename them to whatever you want too. The nice part with this program is that it is so flexible, simple and userfriendly!!!!



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        Help with folders

        Thank you for the hint as it's what I do when I download the graphics I purchase from the digital scrapbooking sites. I just can't figure it out in SBM. can you tell me how to do it? thanks for your help in advance-


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          More Questions

          I've tried finding how to add folders and have not been successful. Also, could anybody tell me how to delete a folder, and how I can rename the ones I have with those very very long names. It shouldn't be this hard or frustrating. I have graphics I want to bring into SBM but not until I have better organization.Thank you for your help on this


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            Hi, and welcome!

            You really don't need to put anything in the SBM directory. Whether you are using photos, embellishments, or paper scraps or whatever, what matters is having the right file format, not where you store them. When you open one of those categories in the program, you always have the option to "Browse" to other directories to bring in your graphics.

            I keep all my work files and downloads on "My Documents", because I have so many, and because I make most of them. If I don't back them up frequently, and can loose all of them. It has happened and it's not fun. So having them in My Documents or even in a folder in the root directory (C:\), gets rid of the long file paths, it's quicker to find, and easier to back up. It's up to you where you put them. So, here is a sample of what you could have...


            Of course, the more organized your files are and the more you brake down the categories, the longer the path will be. And again, remember, the names are not important, the extensions on the files are.

            As to renaming and deleting your files... Click on Star, go to All Programs, Accessories, and you should find Windows Explorer there. Click on it. On the left hand side you will find listed all the folders in your computer. Go to the right directory and find the file or folder you need. Right click on it and a pop up window will appear. Click on rename. Now, write in the name you want for the folder or file. If it is a file, make sure you do not erase the extension. That is the three letters at the end after the period.

            To delete folders or files, just find then in Windows Explorer, click on it once, and then press delete on your key board. Or right click on it and click on Delete.

            If you want to move the file or folder to another directory, just click on it once and hold down the mouse button, then drag the file to the left hand side, to the folder or directory where you want it.

            If these instructions are not clear or too complicated, don't feel bad, I don't understand them either. Just let me know and I can make a tutorial with pictures. Hope this helps. Unless I missunderstood your question, which I do quite frequently, sorry.

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              Assistance on folders

              Thank you for the detailed response. I'm running out the door to work but printed it out so I can review it as I'm downloading. This job stuff gets in the way doesn't it. We involved in a HUGE kitchen remodeling that has gone on for 7 months- it's coming to an end or Iwould respond back to you much faster but he was working on it yesterday and I'm the gopher to go for any needed parts or tools. The tutorial seem like it would be a big help. I've managed to get behind the scenes into gallery/images/embellishments but I can't seem to make any changes. deleting files, renaming files or copying and pasting to a new correctly named folder. Must be a simpler faster way that accomplishes what I need to do to organize my graphics.
              I have to go or of course, there is the option of driving 70 miles an hour to work to arrive there on time. I did want to get back to you and thank you for your response. hugs


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                You mean to tell me your boss does not give you time off to deal with scrapping issues? Where is that headen? What's he doing out in the streets? He should be looked up!!!!!!!!!!

                I will make up a tutorial. May take a couple of life times to get it done, but never fear, Granny is here!

                Sit tight, you should get it.... Soon!

                And thank you for taking the time to respond.


                Marion , Steve, Moonbeam, Ladybug, Wolvsie, Fourfoxes, Vanessa, PinkLollipop and Winnie49 are my buddies!!!

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