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  • Hi, I'm Jeanne

    I really enjoyed working with your trial download. And I love your site and that you have this community! I have a friend who is a Creative Memories Consultant - and she gave me my first taste of digital scrapbooking at a Creative Memories party recently with their software, which was really cool, but which didn't seem to offer a true "virtual" experience of scrap-booking as people would do it in real life. So I started searching online for other scrapbooking software so that I could compare features and I found your product. It seems to do almost everything I was telling my friend a digital scrapbook should do. I really appreciated the trial download - I LOVED working with your software. It is really intuitive, and anyone who's ever used a Mac or Windows Draw or Paint program or even some of the higher end stuff will feel at home and be productive right away. And I LOVE my little trial scrap book. I had so much fun working on it. Thank you! I have an online photo gallery, but this is opening up a whole new world of possibilities! I love all your options for sharing!

    I guess as I try to decide which package to buy ... well I know you don't have a crystal ball, but can you tell me if you plan to support, maintain, and continue developing and enhancing your product and if you think it will do well against the others that are out there? I think it deserves to survive and prosper!

    A few years ago, I thought digital scrapbooking would be so cool, and wondered if anyone was doing any development on that kind of software - and now ... here you all are!


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    I was a creative memories consultant, when they first launched in uk. I spent a fortune tryi ng to keep up with the minimum order each month and never got around to using it or selling it. It was very expensive too. I then broke away and started buying other products. I have so much stuff and I just didn't have the time or space to use it. I discovered Scrapbook Max and have packed all my unused paper scrapping kits away with plans to sell (one day!). I haven't really got going properly with SBMfor one reason or another, but I have loads of stuff now and keep adding but it still stays compact and will not take up any more space (except on my laptop !) , is versatile and reuseable. Great value for money and the sky's the limit!
    Scrapbook Max is continually striving to improve the programme and if you have any suggestions just add to the suggestions thread.
    Welacome by th way, you'll have loads of fun so stick around!
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      ...I was hunting for something better than the 3 most popular scrapbook programs. They didn't give me control..I always felt controlled by them when it came to scrapbooking!! SBM made everything more compatible to all the freebies out there and had so many EASY pickups here...and I fell hopelessly addicted to this place!! So enjoy!! I've only been here 3 months and learning and learned sooooo much!! Love the patience others offer and their POSITIVE attitudes, they don't critique you to death. I found that to be more supporting and helpful than anything else!! You will enjoy it here!!


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        SBM just uploaded to all of us a new version just yesterday. They seem to be on top of changes and they are always open to suggestions in the suggestion forum. Stick around awhile---I think you'll love being here.


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          Welcome Jeanie!!! This place is AWESOME! You truly will love it here, as I do and soooooo many others, when we say its addicting IT REALLY IS! So simple to use and it grows everyday! I know you will love it here! You also have to be a little nutty! cause the peeps in here are nutty too! We love to have fun and work at the same time! So enjoy! Cant wait to see some of your work!

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            Welcomeeeeee!! Jeanie

            Welcomeeeeee!!!!! Jeanie, always and a pleasure to receive the people in this community, knows that amable and very prestativ all here so ok therefore is the will, now if embarass with nothing ok

            a great kiss


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              Welcome Jeane, This is the place to be for digi Scrapping. If you need an element for a layout, just ask, It will magically appear in a short time. If someone doesn't have or can't make it, they will refer you to a site where you might find it. You will enjoy it.


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                Wow! Thanks for your warm welcome, everyone!

                Hi, everyone,

                Thanks for all your helpful information and for your very warm welcome. I can see that this is a vibrant and enthusiastic online community and that is such a wonderful thing!

                I'm just a beginner at scrapbooking and a real computer nerd, so I think digiscrapping will be the way for me! I may be slow getting started due to RL and all, but I hope to be around!

                Thanks again!



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                  Your So Welcomed To The NUTTY Forum

                  Jeanne, I have to warn you, this program is addictive but better yet..... So is the forum with all it's members. You wil quickly get alot out of this group. You will discover that everyone is helpful and always willing to jump in with help, suggestions, and encouragement. We share our love of scrapbooking but also share our private lives too. BUT THE MAJOR REQUIREMENT is the joining of the SCRAPVILLE communty. We have a make believe town that is run and operated by the residence. All NUTS are invited.

                  Have Fun and we will be looking forward to seeing your layouts.
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