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    I am new here and very new to scrapbooking as well. I like to design stuff and I am into computers, slideshows etc. and I have decided on this product over a few others out there.

    As a 'guy', I am sure you will agree that I lack a lot of creativity, but I am willing to learn if you are willing to share your experiences and knowledge with me.

    My main purpose for using this product is to start my two kids, girl 12, and boy 10 into scrapbooking.

    My dad died when I was only 3 yrs old and I have no memory of him execept what I am told.

    I would like for my kids to keep scrapbooks about our family so that the heritage can be preserved.

    I threw away so much history in my young days (old pictures) that I can 'kick' myself for now, but if I can instill these values in my kids, I hope that I can repair the damage for the future.

    Sorry for being long winded!


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    Welcome to the forum, Tburn. And thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself. I think you got a great thing going there with the kids, and you're going to love this program and the community. Every one here is wonderful, and they are very talented. I learn every day from all here.

    So, enjoy! Looking forward to seeing some of your books.


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      Welcome, Tburn! Family heritage is a wonderful reason to start a scrapbook. Your children will just love it. There's lots of inspiration here...if you haven't already check out the Scrapbook Gallery as well as the Templates & Layouts section of this forum.

      You'll be happy to know that there are a few other men here as well, so you're not alone!


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        Thanks for the welcome you guys. It's good to know that there are other men here as well. This is surely not a 'man's' cup of tea and I didn't want to be the odd one out.



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          Welcome Tburn. This is the place to be. As Granny said we learn everyday. People here are very friendly. Enjoy it!



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            Welcome from one of the "guys" ...
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              I love to see the "guys" involved in scrapbooking. I can't get my husband to scrap with me, but his support for my hobby is just wonderful! And the really neat thing about scrapbooking is that, now my kids and grandkids love to look at the pictures and albums I make. I can tell that even the grandkids are excited to be part of the next page, when they call me when they are doing something and tell me " Hurry Oma, get the camera and take a picture!"



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                Hi Tburn! I just found this thread and wanted to say welcome! I think it's really great that you are getting your kids into scrapbooking! Creating layouts and adding journal text to family photos is a great chance to spend more time with the memories than simply putting them into an album. I'm sure that the fact that your children are involved in making family memories extra special will be very meaningful to them - both the time that they get to spend with you and when they look through their scrapbooks in the future.

                Well - hope to hear from you again and see some of your LO's in the gallery!

                All the best!