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  • Hi from the Other Washington

    Just joined, hope to learn lots

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    Welcome to SBM! You're gonna love it here! I've been here a month now and already have a jillion friends. And lots of help when needed, not to mention lotsa laughs and fun here! Be sure to join us all in "Days of Our Scraps" in Scrapsville...only requirement is ya gotta be at least a partial nut case! Since I went there, I am now totally and certifiably NUTTY! LOL!

    Glad to have you, welcome!
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      Welcome!! This place is awesome, the ppl are too! If you go to days of our scraps... dont try reading it from beginning to current.. LORSH that overwhelmed me when i got to page 20... so i went to the last page and told them they were nuts! lol... Jump in, post and you'll find yourself surrounded by friends and lots of help with most anything!


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        Welcome to SBM and ths forums, hope you'll have lots of fun
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          Welcome to SBM..your going to love the program and meet lots of great sure to visit Scrapsville you will want to make it your home...only one need to have a love of laughter because you will sure do a lot of it there..and the main thing about SBM..just get a very comfortable chair because you will be soon be addicted like the rest of us..
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            A warm Welcome to the SBM Family

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