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Hello--I'm new-can anyone help ?

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  • Hello--I'm new-can anyone help ?

    Hi--I have been making pages like crazy--can't wait to print them out once I get the software-(this is soooo much easier that photoshop elements-which -1 year later I still haven't mastered!) Does anyone know if you can purchase the software at any stores-or is it only available via online ordering? Also-can anyone recommend a good photo paper to print pages on?? I have tried cardstock (not successfully) & matte photo paper-(Kodak) Are there any brands better than the other? Thanks for the help!
    from Ontario, Canada

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    Welcome to Scrapbook max!!!
    The software is available only online i believe... I just purchased it, it was very safe/secure and i got the software through a download.. the rest is coming on cd... you can wait for the cd if you cant download it. It wasnt to very big! lol
    I use paper from officemax brand, glossy .. when i print. but mostly for these type of things i order my prints through a local scrapbook store, that way the ink isnt water soluble.. and last alot longer.
    Hope that helped


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      Hello and Welcome. I print at home. I figure why pay someone else when I can do it myself and it looks just as good and has lasted. But it's a matter of preference. Enjoy your stay at SBM

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