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I'm brand new, and I could use some help.

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  • I'm brand new, and I could use some help.

    I absolutely LOVE this program. I just discovered it today, and I'm completely hooked. But I must be doing something wrong because it keeps locking up on me. When I work with some of the embellishments, the page locks up. I can only click on the page itself (like to change the bottom layer). I try to click on my pictures, and I'm not getting anywhere. I can save it, but then I have to exit and come back to it to click on anything other than the very bottom layer. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you for your help.

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    Hi Dawn and welcome!

    Are you getting any error messages? If you are, tell us exactly what they say - this might help us to trouble shoot!


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      My husband straightened me out

      My brilliant techie just told me to click outside the page itself. That fixed it. No program error - just operator error. Thank you for this amazing product! I can't wait to buy the full version. I'm having a blast with the trial.


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        Glad you got it figured out Dawn. I find myself always getting caught up with the same problem and have to remind myself.. just click out side the page! lol... Dont forget to check out the rest of the forum.. theres some great ideas and ppl out there!


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          Welcome. I was hooked with the trial too. You will love it here. The people are all wonderful. Purchase soon---there is soooooo much more in the full kit.


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            It took me a while to recognise that 'freeze' problem. Welcome and have fun
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