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  • A "hi" to all

    Hi from South Africa, been playing with SBM for the 30 days free trial as was not sure about digital scrapbooking.. I am now HOOKED.. haha, have just purchased the programme and can't wait to get started again! Look forward to "discovering" all this site has to offer as well as the "full" programme.

    Forever in my heart - Jazzy

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    welcomeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Kimmmmmm

    Welcome Kim, this software and truily the best one that I found to express our ideas, our wills, wonderful it and, helped me very also to know people fantastic, therefore here all so thus, always that to need it appeals that always is you vary people for taking care of ok

    to it a great kiss


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      Welcome Kim, you will never regret purchasing Scrapbook Max. Once addicted always addicted
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        Originally posted by *eng* View Post
        Welcome Kim, you will never regret purchasing Scrapbook Max. Once addicted always addicted
        That's the truth!

        Welcome to SBM. You will enjoy it.


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          Welcome Kim from South Africa.

          Maggie from US...nice to meet you!

          You will enjoy it.


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            Thanks "girls".. and yup, It's already OOOPPPSS too late!! hahaha,
            Love the programme and having a BALL, still learning how to "navigate" the forums.. but getting there.. Nice to meet you all..

            Forever in my heart - Jazzy


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              Hey Kim, Welcome Aboard!!! Glad to see ya joined this great place! It is soooo much fun! And soooooo ADDICTING! LOL But it is a good addiction!

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                Hello Kim..welcome to the SBM community..just get you a comfy chair because you;ll be spending most all your time in it...hope you will join us in the Days of our Scraps requirement is that you have to be a nut..we have lots of fun there and always welcome new citizens..SBM program is great and you will love it more as you use it..Im Linda and Im from Alabama
                My Buddy's Are Crops2dawn, Sue, Eye, Eng, Smiley, Kimbob, PKDoll and Autistic Wonder

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