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    I find that once the scrap book gets over 30 pages the process is too slow. Is it possible to create a series of chapters which can then be merged into the master scrapbook. Each small chapter would be much faster to work on and edit etc

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    Emmmm....a great idea...don't know the answer but someone will be along.
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      hopefully someone will be able to answer you soon....most i do is 10 pages and if the album is bigger than that i save in batches by adding a number to the end of the title ie .........heathers wedding 1 ....heathers wedding 2

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        I did a scrapbook of our pictures for 2006 and it was quite large. Over 100 pages. It was slow to load and publish but it did publish to a slideshow. I found that I worked in a different scrapbook and then imported those pages into the larger one. That went more quickly for me.


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          Another method I have used is by making a new scrapbook, starting with blank pages and then import all the published (jpg) from the published files unto the blank pages as backgrounds and making my book that way. If the published pages are exported full size, that should give you a nice clear picture and it is much faster. Then I go and make my slideshow or VCD from there.

          (Does that explanation make sense?)



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            How do you import pages from one scrap book into another?


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              Go up to Page, Add, and it will show you all the pages from all the templates in your folder. Then, pick the ones you want to add to your current album.

              One thing that keeps the size down, is to use seamless tiles as backgrounds. They usually are 200x200 pixels, and you can tile them in the program. Instead of importing a page that is 1600x1600 pixels or higher. You can do the math and see why after a lot of pages, it's a better way to go.

              I'm trying to encourage the designers to use them in their templates in the store, plus you can find some on the net if you do a search. They are free for personal use.

              Hope all of this helps.


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