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    Hi all. I'm new here. Just ordered Scrapbook Max after about an hour of the trial. I caught myself checking my email all night for my download version to tide me over. Just curious -- are there more templates in the cd-rom version? I'm not the most creative person I know.

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    Welcome! Please check out this post from the Frequently Asked Questions section of this community:

    And there are lots of freebies all over the community. Check it out!


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      I'm just like you. I just got it but I'm having trouble using it. Do you?
      I hope I did not waste my money on that.


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        It is definately not a waste of money. Once you play around and get the hang of how it works you will love it. If you need help. Just open a new thread in the questions catagory and some one will come by and help you out. I don't know of anyone yet that was sorry they got it.

        Welcome to both of you.


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          Welcome to you both. When you get your CD in the mail, be sure to add the content pkg. That is where you will find more layouts. But don't worry about not being creative. Just look at the gallery and get your inspirations from what you see. You can't download them, but you can save them to your favorites and copy them. You didn't waste your money! You've invested in a hobby that soon will turn into an addiction. Welcome to both of you.


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            You'll find this is the BESTTTTTTTTT money you ever spent. You'll get hooked!!!!!


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              You'll soon build a libary full of templates and embellishments posted on here plus the rest from the cd, have fun
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                Dont Worry !

                Welcome to have chosen a wonderful Scrapbooking Program..I tried a lot of them before I found this the tutorials SBM offers you and you will see how easy the program is to use..the program comes with lots of templates and embelishments but the awesome thing is that there are pages and pages and pages of new things you can download in the forums..there are also hundreds of sites that offer free kits and other goodies and someone is always posting a link to them in the the forums and you will find a wonderful new world...I think the only things you have to worry about are if you have a big enough hard drive to hold all the scrapping goodies you are going to be getting, if you have a comfortable chair to sit in, and learning to deal with all the stuff you dont get done around the house because you are so addicted to SBM..
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                  Hey jclaw

                  You never did tell us what you are having troubles with. Please do...someone here will be able to help.