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  • Good Morning

    Just wanted to say Good Morning...Love doing scrapbooking...
    This is so much fun...I have to say..I am just useing the lay outs
    from SBM and the free lay outs from the sharing boards...

    A big thank you to every-one for sharing there talent with me...
    I hope to be able to do my own layout one day....I am having
    so much fun....I also have some beautiful print out pages...

    LOL ...I Have already went to the store for more ink...The best thing
    I have done in along time... Is join this group and order SBM Disk...

    My husband is so proud of what I can do on the pc...LOL he don't
    know how easy it is to do...We won't tell him that ...LOL { I am 65 young}
    I hope every one has a wonderful day... Off to read the board...


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    Thats nice your hubby is supportive. Mine is too sort-of. I'm so addicted that my family now asks if I'm going to do anything else. I do think they like the layouts I'm doing. Glad you came aboard. YOu will love it here.


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      Hey Junebob, Sorry I misses ya this morning I was stuck in a walk in freezer all night!!! But now that I am out how does a Good Evenin sound!? I am sleeping with my blower dryer on tonight and if anyone tries to take it from me, well that could be start of WWIV, so have a nice and enjoyable eveing all you peeps in scrapville!!

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        Good Morning to you too Junebob Im so happy you joined the SBM family..I have seen some of your LOs and they are great..your husband need never know what you did to make all that pretty stuff..your secret is safe.. is this your first time to try digital scrapbooking? It wont be long until you will be making your own goodies and doing your own templates to share..this program just seems to inspire you to want to learn new things and to make your own papers and embelishments to use..I see it happening everyday..You can see it in gallery if you watch what people are can see the changes in their work as they get better and better..Im 59 by the way, from Alabama, I have 2 daughters and 4 grandsons..19, 17, 14 and 6..the 3 oldest ones and their mom live with youngest daugther and her family live in Beaverton, Oregon.
        Will look forward to hearing more from you soon...happy scrapping..
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          Welcome !!!!!!!!! June

          Welcome more famous community of the planet June, we are all anciosos to see its presentations ok

          Either happy with all in, kisses


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            Good evening Junebob!, I missed this in the morning, sorry I am late to greet you. This is a great place to do your digi scrapping. Everyone is very helpful, if you need something or just have a question open a new thread in the discussion area and someone will come by and try to help. Have fun!


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              Sounds as though you are having loads of fun! Long may it continue
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