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  • intro. and question

    Hi there,
    I am new to digital scrapbooking. I worked on traditional paper scrapbooking for a while but decided to try digital for a few reasons --
    *I am out of space for my albums and workspace
    *I am on the computer quite a bit anyways
    *I wanted to integrate my scrapbooking more easily into my family's personal website
    *I hate journaling (writing)
    *I live away from family and want to be able to easily share albums with them

    I am trying out Scrapbook Max and here's my question. Is there a way of more easily integrating the completed albums into my personal website. When I converted to html file and linked to the scrapbook max album(s) you can advance through the album but get lost and pulled away from the page you started from and can't return there or to my home page.

    Thanks for any help!

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    One solution would be to edit the HTML and add a "Home" link or button to the SBM MAX pages that you have created...
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      thanks, i did try that...

      i tried adding our own home button to the page and i can't remember what happened but it didn't work (i think it broke the whole page?); I also tried changing out the home icon that is part of the scrapbook max document to make it point to our homepage but that didn't work either..

      it could be just that i am pretty novice at creating webpages.

      just curious if anyone else has been able to accomplish this.


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        I don't know anything about Web designing, so can't help you there, but welcome to SBM. This is a great place for digi Scrapping, I am sure you will enjoy it.