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  • CajunDoll

    I am from New Orleans, washed to Houston by Katrina and not going back to New Orleans.

    I started scrapbooking about five years ago and lost everything to Katrina. Now I'm starting over and want to try digital scrapbooking, therefore using the trial version of Max.

    I feel really stupid since I don't even know how to get started. I can't find how to get the background page or anything started. I know I'm missing something very obvious but feel totally blank!

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Welcome. you're going to love it here.
    Firstly, let me say that I can't even imagine what Katrina must have been like!! Do hope your life is now back on track.

    When you say about background, if you want to change the colour just double-click the page and a window will pop up enabling you to do this.
    That will get you started and i'm sure someone else will be along soon to help further.


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      Welcome to SBM Cajundoll...I admire the spirit you must have to start your life over in a new place..I hope all has worked out for you and that you will have an even better life in your new home...
      SBM is very easy to use...if you look at the very top of this page you will see several boxes with words like Home, Features, Tutorial, Gallery, and so on..if you click on the one that says Tutorial there are 2 will show you all the features of SBM, the other shows you step by step how to make a LO in SBM..if you look at those I think you will be on your way,,just remember that once you learn you will become get you a comfy chair...join in the community forums...the members are just friends you havent met yet..if you need help with anything just post it in the forum and someone will gladly help you..we were all newbies once so we understand...I will look forward to seeing your work in the gallery and plese stop by the NSBR forum and visit us in days of our scraps..all that is required to be a part of scrapsville is a good imigination and that you love to laugh..
      Hope this helps you ..
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