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I told you I was new--real new.

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  • I told you I was new--real new.

    As I was going to say before I did something wrong, yep, you are right I am an old dog and it's hard for me to learn new tricks.
    I made my first album with only 6 pages and I couldn't bring music into it when I published it. I wanted to publish it to a cd so that I could view it with my family on our DVD--but, nothing happened.
    I've got some learning to do. Happy to meet you all. AZ Mary

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    What kind of problems are you having? In Chapter 3 there is some discussion about adding 61.


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      starting to feel dumb

      Hi Sandy,

      Would you believe I can't even figure out how to work this forum. I am afraid to press anything for fear I'll mess things up so back that I will hurt it for everyone else.
      Where is this Chapter 3 pg 61. Is it in the Help - user's manuel?
      I have been working with Desmond in ? customer service and I have finally been able to publish my scrapbook to Video CD so I can see it on my DVD player. That's a good thing. I only see 3 choices of music in the background music and it is nothing I like. Do you get more with the purchased program? And is there anyway to add music to the program? you know stuff like Somewhere In Time, the slow pretty stuff (I'm over 60).



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        Yes, I was referring to the User's Guide which can be found under Help > User's Guide within the software.

        As to the music, I had a bunch of songs already saved in my Windows Media Player so I didn't have to look for music. There are some free music download sites out there but I've never used them so I can't offer any advice. You do not get more music with the purchased product. That part is up to you! Maybe someone who's used the free download sites can pipe in?

        You can also rip (a fancy word for copy) your own CDs to your computer. It's quite easy. Check out this link I found online by Googling 'how to rip CDs':

        There were many other links as well if you would like to do your own search on ripping a CD. It all sounds so much more complicated than it is! Don't give no time you'll know more than you ever thought your brain could handle.

        And don't can't break the forums! ; )


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          Thank you


          Thanks a million. I do feel better about it now. Mary


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            CD verses DVD

            a photo cd will play on your computer. but only a DVD will play on your home DVD player. It is a matter of formatting. can be done but that might be your problem.


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              No you can't break the forums otherwise I would have managed that yonks ago
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