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    My name is Rhonda and I'm new to the group as well. Tried the trial version and was impressed so I ordered the CD yesterday. I'm new to scrapbooking of any kind but think digital scrapbooking will be the way to go. I'm from Minnesota and a social studies teacher at an alternative high school. I"m thinking about getting some of my students into digital scrapbooking as well. I'm the family historian and photographer so have years of photos to start working with. I'm glad to be aboard, you all sound so friendly and helpful.

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    Hey, that's an awesome idea. No question whatsoever that scrapping a project would get them to retain more facts about the project's topic than just reciting them. For example I still remember a multiculturism project we did in grade 4 social studies very well today because it was so "hands on". In that project all we kids had to research our heritage and bring in some examples, i.e. dance, food, art, etc. to demonstrate our culture for the class. In my case I got the entire class to Limbo, I'll remember that forever. But more importantly I remember everything I learned about my heritage that week.

    Anyhow I think it's a super fantastic idea which the kids will *love*. Very exciting.
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