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  • crafty

    Hello, I am new to digital scrapbooking but have enjoyed it thus far. One thing I have not figured out is to how I can add music to the scrapbooks. I have read the instructions and they sound easy but when I try to do that a block comes up "no file found". I go to my music and select the album. And I know you don't hear the music when you are creating the album, only when it is sent but I have had no luck with it. What am I doing wrong?
    By the way I am from Western Kentucky and have been taking pictures since I was in school and started scrapbooking several years ago. Most of my pictures are of my seven grandchildren and also I have a scrapbook of old barns and country churches, and spring flowers and farmers plowing their fields. It all says what our lives are like and what we are apart of.

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    Hi Crafty and welcome!

    Can you tell us when you are getting this "no file found" message? For example, is it when you are searching for music, or right after you click on the "music notes"?

    The more specific info about what is happening the better - we'll try to help you figure this out!



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      Welcome Crrafty!
      hope you enjoy here, the max family is UNIQUE
      cant wait to see your great pictures!!!!!!!!
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        Welcome !!!!!!!!!

        Either well CraftY coming, and an immense pleasure for all in, to receive each new member in this community, stops in the this and a great joy ok kisses


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          crafty, no music to pages

          This is what I do.
          Click on the music icon,
          click on add button
          select file which shows my albums(not individual songs)
          I see the scan of music that I selected
          then the box comes up with file not found


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            Hmmm. Looks like this may need a bit more investigating (on my part).

            You do need to add individual audio files to the playlist - have you tried that?

            (Sorry if I don't quite understand - sometimes these things take a few tries to get things clear. The nature of communicating through cyberspace!!! )


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              no I have not tried that as yet, but I will that may be my problem except for when I tried using the gallery music,just to see, still no luck.


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                Do you mean that you tried adding individual songs from the gallery and still got the "no file found" message? If so, that is indeed strange. If you give it another try and still have the problem, let me know - I may have to speak to someone a little more technically minded than myself to find you a solution. But in the meantime, try adding individual audio files (like a song in mp3 format) from the music on your computer, and see if that works.

                Also, when you add a song and return to the Background Music: Settings dialog, there is an option to play the song (before you publish your scrapbook- See screenshot attached to this message). What happens when you choose your song from this list and click Play? Does it also say here that it can't find the file?

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                  Hi Crafty and Welcome to SBM!! So you say you have been taking pictures of barns that intrigues me, I hope you plan on doing some layouts with them, Ihave been looking for years for this certain barn, I saw it once at a craft show it was $700 I thought it was sooo expensive and didnt have the kind of money at the time, not that I have it now or anything, LOL But I could kick myself in the butt for not getting it, as I have never seen it again!! And it no way could I ever explain it either as it was a big Red Barn, and they are All that way, LOL But something drew me too it, like I have been there before, I know it sounds corny. I am a bit nutty sometimes, But seriously I would love to see some layouts! Love all barn pictures!

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                    Welcome Crafty! Wow, I'm impressed. You are already trying to put music to an album. Some day I want to try that.

                    You are making some very interesting albums with the barns and flowers and such. I hope you share some of your pages with us.

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