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  • I'm New too

    Hello from Ontario, Canada... I've made some cool stuff and sent off DVD to our step children in montreal to see and relive the summer fun we had , they were trilled...however im tring to get some more little pictures to be able to add them trucks....where can I get these sort of things to add them to photo objects?

    hope you can help...

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    Just want to say howdy from Australia.... I've only been here for a few weeks myself so not much help....but it is nice to meet you


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      another new one

      I am new here today. I have the trial version of ScrapbookMax and really enjoy it. It seems so user friendly compared to others that I have tried. I am wondering if you buy the full version can you print the trial versions that you have created? I had a terrible time logging in to the forum until I hit the remember me box. Is that something that has to be done? I am looking forward to this group. Have a great day!
      Shirl[ PS...I am not very computer savy so please bear with me.


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        When you purchase Scrapbook MAX!, you can simply open up the scrapbooks you made with the trial version and re-publish them to remove the trial banner.
        Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!