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  • Hi to everyone!

    My name is Christine and I am very new to digital scrapbooking, two weeks actually!!! I am hooked!!! I have taken over the computer and my husband is not happy!! Oh well!

    I purchased the Scrapbook Max program after some research and tril and error with other programs, I found this to be the easiest to understand and use, especially for a very new beginner.

    So here I am...looking at everyone's fantastic scrapbook creations, and I might add with envy. I only hope my creations will be as creative as everyones that I have looked at. My first project has been the start of creating an 8x8 page to use as a baby shower invitation. I am going to be a grandmother for the first time and I have been waiting a very long time for this, I am so excited! (I am driving my daughter and son-in-law crazy!)

    Well enough for now. Thank you to all of you who have inspired me even though we have never met.

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    Hi Christine and welcome to the wonderful world of scrapping. Hope your hubby can cook and clean LOL......cuz you won't have time. Once you start you won't be able to control yourself Have a blast and create,create !


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      Welcome Christine! I'm glad your enjoying your new addiction. You better just get used to the hubby saying..." Are you still on that computer?" Eventually they just shake their head and find something to do! LOL!


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        Hi Christine! You may want to invest in another computer for hubby-cause he will never get to use the one you have now! Honestly! Very addicting--lots of dust bunnies will soon be collecting in your house Looking forward to seeing your works in the gallery.

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          Hi Christine!
          You will DEFINATLY need 2 computers for this hobby! I can only thank God my hubby works outta town and is only home on the weekends so his time slot for using is from 5am to maybe 10am on Fri, Sat and Sun lol. Have fun and I can't wait to soo what you create!

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            YEP... digital scrapping with SBM is so addictive that it's gonna take TWO computers now..... that's what my DH did..... his 'n' hers...... he plays games and I scrap..... ROFL
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              WElcome Christine..there is no treatment for this addiction......I think 2 computers is the best solution!
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                I am lucky in one way. My Hubby isn't interested in computers. He used to get on and check E-bay, but I think he's gotten that out of his system now. LOL....So the computer is ALL MINE. If your hubby likes computers you may have to get another one! Enjoy!