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  • I"m new!!

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name's Karyn and I just discovered the world of digital scrapbooking, and I'M IN LOVE. I do just about everything under the sun but hadn't tried scrapbooking of any kind yet but was intrigued. I hated the fact that I could start but would have to buy so much stuff just to get going and low and behold I can do it on the computer. Late night desire for a session and I need something? Off to a digi scrapbook store, pay the money and its here instantly. This satisfies the artist AND the shopper in me...

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    Welcome and good luck. I have just started scrapping and really love it!!!!!


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      Welcome Karyn, this is so much fun , so versatile, much cheaper then paper scrapping and a great social life too. You'll love it Looking forward to seeing your lo's
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        Welcome Karyn All the money you will save you can hire a maid ! You'll find yourself here day and night. Very addicting


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          We're so glad to see you! Your going to love it here on the forum and working on the software. You will find many new friends here who are anxious to help you as you. Everyone here is great and we welcome you with open arms. We hope you will just jump in and have fun.

          You will get addicted!
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            HI,Karin !!!!! welcome

            Welcome Karin, knows that this being received of arms opened for all of this wonderful community, here you it will have all rewards of the money that already spent ok, why the friendships that anger to make, the human beings that here they write things of the deep one of the heart, this the money not purchase, e e this that finds here my friend, she will be happy she is certain of this, I do not leave more daqui for nothing, these girls I am part of my family ok, e now I earned plus a new to sister,

            A great kiss.


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              Hi Karyn..... I can see that you have already discovered all the joys of digital scrapping.... late night session, off to the <online> store..... lol Welcome!
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