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New digital scrapper...need help!

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  • New digital scrapper...need help!

    I love this program...just got the download today and waiting for my CD now. I have put together 3 paages and am pleased....but can someone tell me how on earth I can put my pages into a jpg file so I can send to my daughter. I sure would appreciate the help. Thanks Jan H

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    To get your pages into jpg files go to the File Menu-->Publish To-->Images

    Set the image quality and size and click the OK button.

    If you used the default setting for the location, your jpg files will be in your
    My Documents\Scrapbook MAX!\Published Files\Name of your Album\Images folder.

    Hope this helps.
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      Good to see you online again!

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        Welcome! I see that you've already had your questions answered.... that's probably the greatest thing about this place.... everybody is so friendly and willing to help!!
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          Hey Poppabob, how are you?

          Jan, welcome, good luck with your project.
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            If you are sending it by email. Just open scrapbook max. Open the page (or pages) you want to send. Then click on File / Email and follow the prompts.
            When I do this it opens my email program and the pages are attached, so all I have to do is type in the names/email address of who I want to send it to.



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              Thank you so much....worked like a charm...sure am having fun with this new program....thanks again. Jan


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                Hi Jan, just wanted to say welcome. I am a little behind on welcoming people. better late then never I guess. You will find you will be hooked in no time and will forget about....shhhhh..... "Chores"....LOL (Everyone here has forgotten about that nasty word).