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  • Hi,

    Help!! me with installing the booster packs I purchased!!
    My name is Pattie Truitt. I have been trying Scrapbook Max for about a year now off & on, on my own. I never wrote into the community book before, but I am now for some reason having trouble after I buy a booster pack to get it into the scrapbook theme section. Even if I open the folder under Scrapbook Max it will not open stating Import Error, which I do no know how to make happen. I have bought many and still am unable to bring them up to use. Can someone help me with this. I would really appreicate it. What I do have I have been able to make many wonderful pages and would like to continue. It is alot of fun.
    Thank You
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    Ei, Patti

    Welcome Patti, and an immense pleasure you it in our community, we will be very happy if to give beginning its exposition ok, and very simple of to place me our photos in would galleria, is certain that soon it will be well stimulated to make that is anger with all certainty to adore this place therefore magical e, ok, necessary e that it places all its you doubt it stops that let us can it to help perfect ?

    One great kiss.



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      HI Pattie

      sorry to hear your having problems hopefully one of the technical minded will be along soon to help you *looks around for Desmond*

      hang in there someone will come and answer you soon im sure xxx

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