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new from Scotland looking for scrapbooker can you help

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  • new from Scotland looking for scrapbooker can you help

    Digital idea is nice but I love real traditional scrapbook pictures and wonder if anyone knows where I can find someone with a lot more creativity than myself to make me a scrapbook page for my parents and in laws to celebrate the birth of our son (due three weeks time)
    I don't plan on doing it myself as packs all come with too many things - I only need maybe one of each embellishment not a pack of 6 or so or they will all just go to waste and it gets very expensive
    I have general idea and some verses I would like to incorporate but am stuck after that

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    I'd offer for you but I am in Australia and the postage would be very expensive...
    Do you know you can print digital pages out - with the 3D looking embellishments and all... your word art and frames ... already there - then combine it with traditional buy sticking it on a 12' Background paper and stick real embellishments or ribbons or whatever on there as well - I've done it and they look better than "hard copy" alone. Its hard to tell where the digital stops and the "real" starts.
    Other than that maybe you could find a site with your search engine by typing in traditional scrapbooking. many of the sites do offer that service.
    Hope you find something.