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Hi Everyone! I'm New And So Far I Just Love Sbm!

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  • Hi Everyone! I'm New And So Far I Just Love Sbm!

    I'm Kim from Texas! I've been looking for a digital program that would be easy to use for a long time. FINALLY, I stumble upon Scrapbook Max far I just LOVE it! I'm so far behind in my scrapbooking and this will really help me catch up. I have a few questions...
    **Can I order prints of completed pages through Scrapbook Max, or do I need my own printer. I want them to look better than my last photo printer printed...
    **When making my scrapbook, Do I have to rename every page of the scrapbook, or can it all be saved in one scrapbook? (stupid question, i know)
    I have a named scrapbook and everytime I go to start a new page I need a new name.
    **What does screen resolution mean on templates? Can they be printed in 12x12 or 8.5 x11
    **LAST QUESTION!!! Does scrapbook max sell the scrapbooks themselves also? Is it better to do an 8.5x11?
    THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR ANSWERS! I can't wait to get really going with this. It is the BEST EVER! I can't wait to tell everyone!!!!!

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    Welcome Kim, Printing Ideas Here

    I'm in El Paso TX. Where are you?

    You have a lot of good questions and I know that you will receive a lot of great information from others. So, I will give you my imput on printing etc.

    You can order prints through SBM and I understand from others that they're really good and prices are reasonable. They print 12 x 12 sizes too, which is not alway available from other sites.

    Some do print their own at home on photo paper or they have them done by other services, like WalMart, Sams, Costco, to name a few. There are nice but expensive printers that will print up to 12 x 12. I have done some printing at home. I still have not been able to print borderless on either printer and I have that selected within the software.

    There are online printing services like Shutterfly & Walmart that do nice Memory type books.

    Size of your layouts are important to the outcome of your printed pages. They size you select to do your pages need to be the same size that you print. I honestly don't understand that but if you try to print a different size than what it was created it, you can cut off edges.

    I have personally done all my pages in 11 x 8 1/2 Landscape. I really like that size. I have uploaded that size to Memory Books at Shutterfly and also Walmart. Quality has been about the same with both but Walmart is almost half the price. I also have recently done mine on CD and have added music to play on DVD player. I do know that there are other services out there. Many are printing pages then putting them into books.

    Another option to consider is doing your pages 8 x 10 then having those printed at a local drug store, Sams, Walmart etc. I have done a few 8 x 10 then mounted on 8 1/2 x 11 paper that complimented the layout. It actually turned out very nice. This option actually turns out pretty good because you can easily frame them into phote frames to display. I have also uploaded pages to various websites and have had printed on coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc. T Shirts are also a cute idea for Birthday or Christmas gifts. Last Christmas, I did a 12 month spread for a Family Calender. Each month represented family members who had birthdays or anniversaries during that month. The calendars were a great hit in the family.

    I hope I've given you some ideas on your printing options. Just remember the sky is the limit and what works for you may not be the preferred for the next person. Have fun and be creative!

    One last thing, if your using the TRIAL version, the SBM trailer will appear on any printed layouts. The trailer will disappear when you install the full version. You will not lose any of your work done with the Trial version.

    Happy Scrappin

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      Hi Kim and welcome aboard!

      Looks like Onie tackled many of your questions! I just wanted to add that if you are interested in Scrapbook MAX! 's online printing service, check out this page for details:

      And here are comments from folks who have used the service:

      Happy Scrapping!



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        Hi Kim from Texas, this is Kim from South Africa..LOL,
        Looks like all your questions have been answered so I'm just going to say welcome to the most amazing community you will find anywhere on the web.. never be scared to ask questions.. there is always help around the corner from all these wonderful people here..
        Have fun and hope to see you around soon

        Forever in my heart - Jazzy


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          Welcome !!!!!!!!!

          welcome Kim, and an immense pleasure receives it in our community, is certain that it is very happy, when to start to know how many wonderful people have here ok, we are anciosos to see its works



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            Well, just wanted to welcome you and hope you'll join in with all the banter
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              Thanks so much for your help.

              Hi everyone!
              I'm in San Antonio, TX. It's great having people from all over to share with!!
              Thank you all so much for welcoming me and for answering my questions.
              I downloaded the trial version and messed around with it for about 15 minutes before I KNEW I had to have it... I'm now working with the complete program. The trial is nothing compared to the real version! LOVE IT! Can't wait to catch up.
              Thanks again!!!!