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  • I'm new and looking for...

    a template with an "On Broadway" theme. Does anyone have one or know of anyone who has created one? I have searched on this forum and there were not any useful links by way of a template.

    And by the way, I'm new to using this program, but I love it. And I really, really appreciate how friendly folks are on the discussion lists. Awesome group you are! (not just saying that to get the Broadway theme, either) -Nan

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    Hi there, Nan!

    I was fooling around with a "Hollywood" theme just by playing with the shapes that come with SBM. Here's a link to my layout:

    It was very quickly done and maybe not what you had in mind, but I'd be happy to share it as a template for you to use and modify for your "On Broadway" layout- let me know (and no offense taken if this isn't what you are looking for!!!).

    Also, if you like it and just want to use the idea as a starting point (instead of using the template), I found the city-block shape by choosing a paper scrap: then, in the Properties dialog, check Custom shape, and click on Change Shape. Then, go to the "Objects" shape category. Scroll through the category, and you'll find the "photoshape-city" shape ( I attached an image of the shape so you know where to find it!)

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      This hint is so awesome, Karin! It's easy to forget we have lots of the basic shapes! That cityscape is perfect for any city layout!! Thanks for the reminder!!


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        Thanks, Julie!

        Sometimes I work "backwards" when creating layouts - instead of scrapping with a picture in mind, I look through the shapes for inspiration and base my layout on a cool one that I find, then I find a picture to match. It's all fun!



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          Hey Karin, it's great to see a moderator join in and contribute , brilliant thank you
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            Hi eng!

            I love to pop by and respond to posts when I can! Be assured, we're around even if we aren't posting things all the time ... our "behind the scenes" duties make it a challenge sometimes! But we certainly love it here, too!