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  • Hello, New to scrappin

    Hello everyone,
    I have been playing on here awhile reading everyones post and seeing thier creations. I must say alot of you are very talented, me, well I am brand new at this scrapping stuff and need all the inspiration I can get.

    I am a mother of two, the oldest being 12. I thought I would go back and maybe scrap some of thier baby books. We take a lot of trips to Disney (alas the name) and would love to do something with my photos from there also.

    Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this great community!
    Lord keep your arm around my shoulders and your hand over my mouth

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    Hi Cinderella! Great name! I LOVE Disney too - my first full length scrapbook was a Disney one. It was made with an older version of Scrapbook MAX - less content - so I plan to make another one with what's available now. I just know we'll both be able to make incredible scrapbooks with the current SBM- there are such great backgrounds and embellishments now and the printing capabilities are really special- hope you'll share some of your "magical" pages in the gallery!

    Stop by anytime with questions, comments, ideas, or anything that's on your mind. You'll feel like a pro in no time!



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      Hi Karin, Thanks for the welcome

      We absolutely LOVE Disney, it seems every time we plan a vacation we end up on Main Street!

      I have so much stuff that I have collected while on vacation there, everything from room keys to receipts. I'm thinking I can scan some of them to use in my books.

      Right now I'm fixing to attempt to scrap an 8x8 album for my niece, who is graduating in a few weeks. Any suggestions would be great.

      Thanks again

      Lord keep your arm around my shoulders and your hand over my mouth