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  • Newbie from Virginia

    My name is Jenna I am 30 married and have 3 beautiful children. I was adopted at birth and my birth mother has found me (not that I was hiding) after all these years. I thought I would make a scrapbook for my newly found family. I had no idea what I was commiting to lol. Putting ones whole life on paper is challenging enough, but getting into the scrapbook craft was so much harder than I thought. I have now spent over 200 dollars on paper and stampers and embellishments only to be overwhelmed. I have now found digital scrapbooking and I think this might be much easier to get going in. Does anyone do some digital and some cut from scratch in the same album?
    Any tips or advice would be appreciated. I hope I get the oppertunity to make some new friends in this process.

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    Hi Jenna

    Sure you can mix and match pages of digital and paper scrapping. I have probably 20 or more albums full of scrapbook pages and they are a mixture of both.
    I found a place to have my digital pages printed instead of printing them out myself. It is cheaper that way with ink cartridges costing as much as they do, especially 12x12 pages.

    You may feel overwhelmed right now, but once you get scrapping, you will be addicted just like the rest of us! I is definitely a most rewarding hobby.
    And just think, you are documenting the life of your family at the same time.
    Don't get discouraged, remember just one page at a time!!!!

    a fellow scrapper,



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      Welcome Jenna...

      There are lots of people and resources to draw from around here, so just ask if you have any questions. That's what we're here for!

      BTW... Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
      Visit my aisle in the SBM store!
      My buddies are Granny, Moonbeam and Wolvsie35!