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I'm a real newbie!

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  • I'm a real newbie!

    I just downloaded this program two days ago in the trial version. I think I really like it - does anyone have the full version and does it contain a lot more elements, etc.?

    I'm even new to a message board!

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    oh yeah! you better believe it... there is a CD with tons of fantastic stuff on it..and in the sharing section here on the forum ..just about everyday there is someone sharing a new template that you can down load.
    Also you can collect countless freebies from the many many scrapbooking sites.
    Scrapbook Max is the absolute Ultimate PROGRAM........ ask anyone here. I've had mine for a couple of months now and am addicted to it! You will certainly get more than your money's worth out of it...
    So welcome and have fun!
    Looking forward to seeing you post your very first effort!


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      For comparison, the trial has only about 1/10th of the content found on the CD-ROM!
      Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!


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        Hi - SBM is PACKED with goodies. And there's a really good variety of stuff too. I've made really "girly girl" scrapbooks, elegant old-fashioned looking albums, and really bright, groovy, psychedelic stuff. Trust us - it's all there and your imagination is your only limit. Hope you decide to try it out, and come back and visit our friendly gang anytime!!



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          Thank you for the info!

          Thank you for the information re: the program. I'm excited about learning it even though it's just the trial version.

          I've never posted a layout - is it hard? Also, how do you download and use templates from the forum?

          Thanks again.



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            HI Julie!

            Posting a layout isn't hard. Check out the following in the "Sharing Zone: Templates and Layouts" section of the forums:

            If the link doesn't work for some reason, I've just directed you to the very first thread in the template and layout discussion section. It walks you through the process of posting a layout step by step.

            Let us know how it goes for you - if you have any questions, never hesitate to ask!

            Looking forward to seeing your work!



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              Hi Julie!

              I was thinking about your question above and realized I didn't fully answer your question - oops !

              First of all, to download a template that someone else made, read the following thread for step-by-step instructions:

              Also, in my previous post, I directed you to information about posting a template (layout) for sharing (i.e. that others can download). If you are interested in simply posting your work for others to view (not to use for themselves), you'll want to post your layouts in the gallery. Our helpful and friendly forum moderator Corey wrote a great step-by-step guide to doing this; you can find it by going to the following thread:

              Remember that in order to post any of your layouts anywhere, you first have to publish them as images (go to File > Publish To > Images in SBM - Corey's thread will answer questions about publishing if you have any)

              Hope that helps, good luck and post any questions you may have!

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